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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

Animals and pets are a joy. Choosing a relocation service for your pet is not only a matter of terms and prices, it's about confidence and trust. We know that you want only the best when planning to move your pet. At Right Way we understand that your pet is a family member and that you will have concerns about their safety and welfare during the relocation process. We aim to make the process comfortable and stress-free for both you and your pet. No matter what your destination is, our team will offer the fastest and safest solution to your pet travel needs. We realize that "moving pets" is the most important aspect of a household move. We know the safest ways to fly pets on varying temperatures, aircrafts and airlines. Relocating with a live animal can be a very time consuming process, because it requires meticulous timing, careful planning, obsessive attention to detail and a gift for logistics. We are here to help you with this process and to make sure that the entire Door-to-Door relocation of your pet is handled with the utmost care, safety and attention possible.

Pre arrangements for pet relocation:

Pre arrangements starts with our PRO (Pet Relocation Officer) will explain the rules, requirements and documentation required for your pet's move. Scheduling the flight for your pet will be decided with mutual consultation and the best suitable for the safe and secure relocation of your pet.

Pick up:

Travel crates of IATA standard will be arranged. We will arrange boarding, grooming, and the respective veterinary services as well. After competition of all the pre arrangements required and verified by concerned supervisors, you pet will be picked up from door set at origin.


Our crew will arrive at your door step to pick up your pet. You pet will be taken immediately for check in. at the airport your pet will be checked in for the flight. Your pet will be move to the flight just before takeoff. We will call you to confirm that your pet is safe an en route to their new destination. Flight schedule will be monitored closely and in case of any flight delay or cancellation we will make the best possible waiting environment for them.

Receiving at the destination:

As soon as your pet lands at the destination, our representative will immediately pick it up from the airline. We will organize the check out procedure, customs clearance or any other services needed. We will advise your pet's safe arrival and to coordinate the delivery to any pre-arranged address. Should your move require additional boarding on the receiving end, a Pet Relocation Specialist can gladly recommend a top-class facility and assist you with the arrangements.

Things to remember:

Rules vary greatly in different countries regarding the import of animals, and these regulations often depend on your country of origin. First, determine if you can bring your pet at all. In some countries, certain species of dog and cat are accepted, while others are not. To import a pet, most countries require a stringent sequence of medical tests. The timing of each stage is extremely important, and failure to adhere exactly may result in headaches and extra costs.

Right way is the specialist International cargo shipping and animal relocators providing industries best rates and service to Expats worldwide like UK in Europe, India in Asia, Dubai in UAE etc..

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